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I notice I’m now 38th on Google for ‘Irreducible Complexity’. That was a big surprise. Its not like a month of blog posts could possibly mean this site is that central for a term which has a fair bit independent life!

I know Google rebased their servers to focus on the new, so I might sink fast in the next few months.

Still, I ought to think about writing the odd post refuting creationist arguments about Irreducible Complexity, see if I can get on the front page where it might be useful! Then again, there’s a lot of Behe’s and Dembski’s to beat to get there.

So, all of you who blog and comment, what search term shows you surprisingly highly?

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One response to “Page Rank Google

  1. google #2: “God hardened my heart”

    google #1: “a time to rend”

    Those aren’t so surprising, a bit esoteric phrases. But for a while I was ranked highly for “supernatural beliefs.” I think you are right about the newness factor increasing the ranking.

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