Two Faces of My Atheism

Two little clips to share with you today. But they show two important and sometimes conflicting sides of my atheism. First there is the intellectual side.

One of my favorite things is to listen to smart people discuss ideas. Blogs are good for that, and readily available. But there’s no substitute for the tenor of the voice. I love to listen to BBC’s “In Our Time” which is a radio program about history and culture. The format is simple, a moderator (Melvyn Brag, doyenne of media intellectualism) and a set of academics discuss a topic in a way that is accessible for a general listener. This season has been very good, I’ve particularly enjoyed the episode on Sparta and The Siege of Munster. Today’s is also a blinder, on William James’s The Varieties of Religious Experience. I hope it isn’t just UK surfers who can download or listen to it: at the BBC website. I know some BBC programs aren’t available outside the UK unless you do some jigging with proxies.

The second is the side of me that has a juvenile temptation to mock religion:

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal


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6 responses to “Two Faces of My Atheism

  1. Thanks for the heads up on the program. I didn’t have time for a full listen, but I wanted to check to see if it worked. So at least this program works in the US. I will try to listen to it later today.

  2. Yeah.. mocking is so beneath “intellectuals”.. I wonder if an intellectual invented it? Give me good old anti-intellectual Jesus-type compassion any day. 🙂

  3. (1) Thanks for the James Link — I shall be listening — we get it here in the US just fine !
    (2) Give me modern-mind-clearing Atheist humor that stops blind religious wars and bigotry any day over the sugar coated dangerous myths.
    (3) “Two Faces”? Come on Ian, you know you have far more selves competing for a voice deep inside you ! I just pray that no one calls them out and makes them run into a herd of swine.

  4. Ian

    Good to hear you can get IOT over there.

    @Kansas, There’s a book called “The good man Jesus and the scoundrel Christ” which, despite having a reputation of being anti-Christian, actually chimes with what you said. It is a fictional reimagining where the figures of Jesus and Christ are imagined to be different people. Jesus the figure is then intellectualized, super-naturalized and commoditized by Christ to become the figurehead of the Christian religion, far from the original compassionate teaching and challenging encouragement of Jesus.

  5. Boz

    you might like to add this site to your reader:

  6. Ian

    Thanks Boz, got that on my reader now! Definitely worth a laugh…

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