Meme 01 – For Writers

I don’t tend to do the meme stuff – nobody seems to be bothered to tag me. But here’s an interesting one that is hereby leaped onto the blogosphere from email. It is aimed at folks who love writing, or who fancy a go at some creative exercise.

In 250 words, describe the protagonist of your next novel.

Okay, you might not ever write a novel. That’s fine, its a device, you see 😉 Just write 250 words of description of an intriguing fictional character. Bonus points for how efficiently you paint the entire mood, setting and genre of the imaginary novel. Stick to the task though, no slipping in bits of the plot or taking the focus off the main character (incidentally there is a genre of micro-fiction that deals in 250 word short stories, not to mention the burgeoning Twitter fiction scene).

I’ve had a go, and it was a lot of fun. But I will only post my attempt if at least one of you has a go. Either ping me back so I find it or leave a comment with a link. This will also be a good opportunity for other readers to stumble across your blog. Feel free to repost and continue the spread.

PS: As far as I can tell tracing back the email, this started as an exercise in a creative writing class.

PPS: This blog post, according to WordPress, is 250 words long. Including both of these postscripts and the title of the post.

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One response to “Meme 01 – For Writers

  1. Ian

    Weightless nest of twigs
    Rolling on the desert breeze —
    Spherical cliche.

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