Is this spam effective?

I got a spam comment today that said just:

To all the above commentors. Blogs can be much better to read if You can keep Your comments simple and to the point. No-one likes to read giant comments when the concept can be conveyed using a not as long comment.

With the obligatory links back to some deal or other. Is that supposed to be successful? Even if it got past the spam bot, how would any blogger not kill it?

I understand that you try to hit the 0.1% of unprotected blogs. But honestly.



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6 responses to “Is this spam effective?

  1. I see two issues: (1) Is it true? (2) Should you spam it? I think you are only asking #2 but let me disobey the writer’s chastisement by writing a long comment 🙂

    I think the comment is true. I am guilty of same. I am a hypocrite of the same — I have wrongly asked people not to do it on my site. Over time, I have decided to either ignore long rambling comments (though I think they unfortunately discourage casual readers) but allow them because sometimes long comments are the only way to convey info and I should want that. I confess the sins of my past. I welcome long comments that are focused (even if verbose).

    But I still don’t want comments that are not in keeping with the post or that don’t address the thread at all. Thus, I would have spammed this comment instantly, as you mention. Also, I spam any comment with a link to obvious marketing page — or on good days, I just remove the link.

  2. Ian

    It looked like it was blanket spam – not a tailored comment for this blog. It was placed on a random older post with no particularly long comments, and the email address was spoofed. But certainly it does apply yes! Although I love long-form discussion. I’m not a fan of trying to debate stuff via twitter.

  3. Yep, I get (and hate) these too at both and but thanks for your interesting blog. You make a good point, but could do with more pictures of gadgets. I’m young, hot and Russian, btw.

  4. Boz

    Is this spam effective?

    Yes. the organisation doing this activity is for-profit. The fact that the spam exists is evidence that it is likely a profitable(and therefore effective) endeavour.

  5. are you losing your hair? if you are please check my blog for specific treatments about hair loss and the theology of receding hairlines.

    i don’t understand spam at all. email, blogger or otherwise. i understand trolling, but not spamming. unless there’s money to be made…. wait, there are a lot of suckers out there who will buy anything… my church does need help for it’s mission trips… SPAM TIME!

    did you know you can pray your hair back? send me $15 and i’ll tell you how!

  6. Ian

    Well a few years ago my wife and I thought about setting up an online shop to sell pieces of the true cross, knucklebones of Thomas Beckett, along with indulgencies, and other similar products.

    But by the time we got there eBay had a specific clause in its terms of service prohibiting that.


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