Spot the Source

Okay you biblie-philes, here’s something a bit diffferent. This is a video with lyrics of Robin Mark’s worship song “Days of Elijah”. Unlike most of the “Jesus, we just really want to worship you*” kind of song lyrics, these are rather complex, and quite biblically far ranging.

What do you think? Any bits you recognize?

I confess I do like it. Well, apart from the “There’s no god like Jehovah” bit, it always irks me when people say “Jehovah“.

*Major kudos to anyone who can finish that worship song title…


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6 responses to “Spot the Source

  1. WOW! that’s a praise song with a lot of depth! not a cookie cutter praise song. good find. i’m not a fan of the “jehovah” language either. i used to say that i couldn’t trust a denomination that named itself after or overly relied on a German mispronunciation of YHWH when referring to the Witnesses or Adventists or Southern Baptists… that is until my friend pointed out that Jesus is an Anglicized mispronunciation of the Hebrew Yeshua or Joshua. oops!

    still don’t like jehovah though.. facts be damned! i’ve made up my mind, don’t confuse me with the facts! 😉 i guess that word ranks in my least favorite words which i just don’t like to pronounce. a few others in that category for me are “crisp,” “moist,” and “panties” and putting those together are not appealing either.

    i’m going to go sanitize my hands after typing that… ttyl.

  2. Ian

    01 – Excellent! It had never occurred to me just how hypocritical I was being with my snootiness at ‘Jehovah’!

    There’s an interesting question there, what should we call the historical Jesus (the ship has long sailed on the faith-character)? Yeshua seems possible, but a little contrived, I think.

    Joshua (the conqueror) is referred to twice in the NT, Ιησου [i.e. the genitive] in Acts 7:45, and Ιησους in Hebrews 4:8. Recognize that? We have a perfectly good Anglicanization of Ιησους without going through a Latinized Greek form of the Semitic. But I can’t bring myself to start talking about Joshua of Nazereth.

    And, the last paragraph… maybe too much information 😉

  3. i’d just stick with Jesus and go easy on the Jehovah peeps.

    and TMI is what i’m all about if it garners a smile 😉

  4. Paris (not “Pair” and no ‘s’)
    India (is actually “Bharat”)
    Japan (is actually “Nihon/Nippon”)
    China (is actually, “Zhongguo”)

    This list goes on .. it is all a game. The language police love their seriousness.

  5. PS — hated the song
    I swear, I must be so far out of Christianity that I stopped even having my heart strings tugged by childhood stuff. Alas.

  6. Ian

    Gak, my memories for lyrics are really bad. My challenge in the post would have been easier if I’d have remembered the correct first part of the song. The complete title is:

    “Lord I Still Just Want Lord To Praise You Lord Just As I Really Am Right Now Lord In The Ongoing Faith Situation Lord In Which You Have Placed Me Lord”

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