Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Thanks to everyone who made 2010 a really great introduction to blogging for me. It is the first time I’ve run a blog with any focus (other than little blogs for work informing of new developments). I can honestly say that it is the comments and discussions that has been the best thing. Several times I’ve been beaten back from things I thought I thought. And I can honestly say, that is one of my favourite things.

Next year, I hope to focus a bit more on the biblical studies angles, and less on random rants. And hopefully I’ll keep smattering the blog with random bits. I’m overdue a post on conlangs, I think.

Please let me know directly or in the comments if there’s anything you particularly like or hate, or want to talk about. Or things I can generally do to make the site more user-friendly. Like I said, this is really only fun because you make it so!

Thanks again, here’s to a great 2011.


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2 responses to “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

  1. Your blog is inviting, fun, and has a fresh intellectual air. I am afraid that in the year 2011 your blog may be one of the few I read that will speak about the Bible. So there is a large burden on you to keep the Word of God coming to me. I need pure, unadulterated, orthodox doctrine so as to keep my soul a clean temple for the Holy Spirit. Can you feel the pressure?

  2. i love the rants! it gives me insight to a friend i’ve never met. thanks for all your postings and here’s to health and wealth* in the new year.

    *by wealth i mean intellectually, but if $$ comes your way that’d be cool too. just didn’t want to look like i’m part of the prosperity gospel 😉

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