Why The Case Matters

No Jews Allowed Sign

by Iwan B. Creative Commons Attribute Non-commercial.

Today two Christian hoteliers were found in court to have discriminated against a gay couple whom they refused a double bedroom. The Christian couple had a long standing public policy that only married people were allowed a double room in their hotel. And they defined marriage to be one man and one woman.

To some, the fact of their long-standing public policy on the issue is persuasive. They should be allowed to set the rules. Their business, their choice. This sign shows why that view is wrong, and why the court decision matters.

If you think I’m comparing these Christians to Nazis then you’re missing the point (and ignorant of history). It wasn’t only Nazis who put these signs up. It wasn’t only Germans, or even Europeans.

There are a million and one excuses for bigotry. Your religion may mandate your bigotry (though many Christians seem to manage fine without homophobia), or it might be your nationalism, or your gender or your class. But ultimately bigotry leads only to dark places, and we have a right as a society to legislate against it.


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2 responses to “Why The Case Matters


    Racism is something that needs to be contained by a civil society, if it is to be a progressive and cosmopolitan society. Vigilance is of the essence in order to stymie its pernicious and perennial nature. Legislative restrictions on all religious bodies that prevent them from discriminating against well known sexual minorities, is a positive good for not only those religious bodies in question, but the whole of society. The right to religion is not unlimited. It is limited by a higher right of all people to equality by law. Any person that has religious beliefs will not have their right to practice their religion limited by legislative provisions that prevent them from discriminating against a single mother, divoced individuals, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, or intersex, meaning hermaphrodite individuals.

  2. Ian

    I thoroughly agree John. Thanks for commenting, and welcome to the blog.

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