Thankful to be British

There are times I feel most like thanking a creator for the situation of my birth.

Like when the state broadcaster of my country funds an hour long academic discussion of the Pelagian Controversy, and then makes it available to the world to listen online.

Its for this reason I never begrudge paying my “TV license” (i.e. state broadcaster subsidy tax, for those of you elsewhere).


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  1. I actually enjoyed the lecture — thanx. I can’t believe I actually enjoyed it actual — which points to one of my points in my post on “Lessons from Graduate School“:

    With enough immersion, one can become surprisingly comfortable reading very poorly written, boring material


    It is ironic that the damnation of Pelagius was the damnation of Christianity’s soul while Augustine’s theology cemented the manipulative institution.

    Loved this quote by a “saint” who belittled this heretic:

    A fat man weighed down by Irish porridge — St. Jerome

    I loved too how the analysis was put in terms of theology being constructed to address social realities (fall of Rome) showing that theology is not the servant of truth but the slave of rhetoric.

    I got a kick of listening the the Augustianophile in the group.

    Please do continue to dutifully pay your taxes to help us colonists abreast on advances in British research. 🙂

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