I ran this blog intensively for 2010, but with work I’ve been posting once or twice a month through 2011. In the last 5 months, the site traffic has soared, and is now significantly above the level it was when I was blogging a couple of times a week. This is interesting, but a bit mystifying.

The top post is The G Spot and Jesus (shows what people search google for), with Peter: Feed my Sheep coming in a close second. But there are larger numbers of folks coming by the front page too, and larger numbers on all posts.

I had assumed there were fewer people because the comment life of the blog dropped right off. Comments are why I blog, and that’s why they are at the top of the right-hand column above ‘latest posts’. So if you are stopping by and weren’t a regular back in 2010, please add a comment to wherever you feel is interesting. I’d love to chat.

2011 has been very tough with a new work project. I’ve always hoped to get back to blogging more regularly, because I loved the interaction with the commenters here. I hope to do that in 2012, and have the opportunity to do some more of the expositional biblical stuff that was the meat of the site.


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  1. My stats stay up merely because of google searches. If WordPress offered more significant stats that told allowed us only to count visits that lasted over 1 minute (let’s say), I think we’d see the chart we expect.

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