The Books of the Bible

A little bible visualization (see more impressive previous ones here and here). I’ve seen quite a few versions of this image before: the bible as a bookshelf rather than a single work. I remember drawing my own version in religious education lessons at school. Sabio put one on his blog, and there are quite a few more if you do a google image search. But though many of them make a nod towards having the Pentateuch be bigger, say, than the minor prophets, I hadn’t seen any that tried to make the books in scale. 25 minutes of programming and here’s the result:

The Books of the Protestant Bible, To Scale - The books are color-coded based on their traditional Christian classification. Note that this does not reflect the ways Jews would classify the Hebrew Bible (the Christian Old Testament).

The design of the books, incidentally, is based on the O’Reilly books: the iconic programmers books. The size of the book is such that the volume of the book (pages x page area) corresponds to the size of the biblical book, except for very small books, where the binding would be too small to support the title. Of course, you can’t see the depth of the books in this view, so there’s a dimension you are missing, but hey — its close enough for government work. That the titles of some books are unreadable is not unintentional – there are better versions of this image to work from if you’re trying to learn the books!

You may use this image under a Creative Commons Attribution License, 3.0, US. The attribution I require is leaving the ‘2012’) message intact somewhere on the image.



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3 responses to “The Books of the Bible

  1. Jet M

    I’ve been looking for exactly this for ages – one single long ‘bookcase’, and to relative scale! Thanks for using your skills. Are you willing to make a much higher resolution image available, as I would indeed like to use it with attribution rightly credited as you say, projected huge. p.s. I’ve found your posts fresh and fascinating.

  2. Ian

    I don’t have a higher resolution version of this, I’m sorry. i made it for the site.

    Thanks for the compliment.

  3. Thank you!! This is a wonderful graphic!

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