My iPhone App

Following on from the previous post, about some of the more-or-less spiritual things I’ve found that help me induce pleasant states of mind (states previous associated with religious phenomena)…

I put together a simple iPhone app. Called Calmer, with the help of my wife.

It is vaguely game like, but isn’t a game. It was designed in the midst of our family crisis, to help calm down. To take stock, to slow, to focus and to distract the mind from spinning wheels of worry.

To use the app, you trace shapes with your finger, slowly. When you complete a shape, the app will describe a little more about what you’re doing, building into a set of interesting things to think about. There is enough challenge to engage your brain, but not so much it becomes a puzzle to worry about.

As you make the shape, the app uses one of my blended white noise mixes to mask language production and calm you down.

I know I designed it exactly for my very personal preferences, but I do find myself ‘playing’ with it quite regularly.

If you have an iPhone, and want to give it a whirl, let me know what you think.



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4 responses to “My iPhone App

  1. Seriously? You’ve got >19 million likes on i-tunes, and >4 million likes on the app store. Are your retired yet? Damn!
    Or did you find a programming way to stack those stats?
    Congrats either way.

  2. a suite of techniques drawn from decades of psychological research

    Sweet! Nice ‘science’ of advertising!

  3. Ian

    No idea where those numbers are coming from. I suspect it is the number of likes of the app store itself. I didn’t hack anything.

    “Nice ‘science’ of advertising!”

    Quite genuine, though entirely post-hoc: find something I think works, then discover that other folks have shown that it does. Fitting for this blog, I think.

  4. If each person who “liked” it, bought it, you are a rich man.
    Also got to love capitalizing on the Buddhism symbol from the Ten Bull Series of Zen.

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