Thanks John, Goodbye.

John Hick passed away on 9 February (Telegraph obituary). He was intimately connected with University of Birmingham, where I did my undergrad theology. Although he was an emeritus professor with a light teaching load (if any, I didn’t take a class he taught), his influence was definitely felt down to the lowliest depths of the department.

I found in Hick some of the sanest facing up to the collision between theology and consensus reality. I owe him a lot from where I’ve ended up theologically, though I did not end up exactly where he did.

If you’ve never read Hick, might I suggest “The Myth / Metaphor of God Incarnate“?



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3 responses to “Thanks John, Goodbye.

  1. rob

    Hadn’t heard that – Guardian is late with the obit or I missed it.

  2. Kay

    Ah crap! I missed this. And now I’m sad.

    I have the book you’ve recommended on my Kindle. I bought it a few months back. I’ve loved Hick’s pluralism writings. They’ve helped me work through so much stuff. (Also Keith Ward.)

    Good bye John.

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