Flash Photo History

An interesting interpretation of what is significant about the history of the universe.

I noticed the creation museum’s “Adam And Eve” are there standing for early Homo Sapiens. Is that more insulting to science or creationism?

And Zelda gets equal billing with the emergence of multicellular life. And why not?

US centric in the second half, but fun nontheless. What would be in your 2 minute ‘story of us’ video?



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3 responses to “Flash Photo History

  1. Whether the creation museum promotes good science, I do not know enough to say. However, at least they provide a place for God in their creation narrative – which is more than I can say for this video.

  2. Ian

    I suspect its creator didn’t figure God was part of his story. Rather than gripe about his choices, how about say what you’d put in a two minute “story of you”?

  3. TWF

    How about nano-tech and the CERN’s latest collider?

    I was happy to see the Atari 2600 got a frameshot!

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