Gangnam Style is an Endtimes Prophecy!

Pass it on folks – its amazing once you see the truth!


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4 responses to “Gangnam Style is an Endtimes Prophecy!

  1. Hilarious! This reminds of my grandfather’s theory that the biblical Peter travelled to Russia because of the city named St. Petersburg. He didn’t mention Florida, but why not?

    This is just unintentional creative hilarity from Tapley.

  2. WHOA. Numerology, predicted elections, God speaking through sporting events ABOUT a particular person, a shout-out for help from youtube subscribers AND POP MUSIC?!?! How can all this not be true?!

  3. Ian

    Orange – I did a search on him, and it seems when he first started posting the videos he was marked as a poe, and then the horrific realisation he was actually serious.

    Sabio – I’ve spent too long watching his videos this week.

    Luke – I know – staggering! 🙂

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