Did God Sign Our DNA?

Welcome to the several hundred extra blog visitors who’ve arrived here over the last couple of days.

It seems the influx is motivated by a (sadly false) report that Harvard researches announced they found a message from God in our DNA. The report was an Onion-style satire and purely false.

But my post on my own discovery of a message from God in our DNA is showing up high on Google searches. It has been linked to from several forums. And, unlike the Harvard article, the results I claim in my article are quite genuine. I didn’t not make it up, as anyone can easily check.

At some point I’ll explain why we have that message in our DNA, for those who can’t immediately see. But let’s see how far this little storm blows first.



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7 responses to “Did God Sign Our DNA?

  1. That Harvard report is hilarious — even my son and wife laughed. That it gets sucked up by gullible, greedy Christian believer-brains is predictable, unfortunately. But perhaps exposing it will help a few of those saps see behind their silly minds and change — though history shows us that most just regroup and try again.

    The sad thing is that confirmation-bias-clamoring is more subtly universal than even us self-righteous-Faith-Free folks want to imagine.

    So glad your stats have gone up — you may actually help a few souls.

  2. Consider as a hypothetical experiment making DNA the “God”. It has the prime directive of giving the earth sentience or awareness, capturing intelligence, and capturing carbon. Now imagine DNA saying “For my sake I have preserved you” Go and do good and evil with your captured intelligence to preserve DNA that will allow the earth to be more sentient, beautiful, conscious, capture carbon, intelligent and reproduce itself in a billion years or so.

  3. Ian

    Thanks Alvin. Is that how you do conceive of God? Would that be a meaningful concept?

    I admit that the natural world has taken over many of the roles of God concepts, the creation and sustaining of life included.

  4. If you look at time like a planet would where several billion year are available to capture and evolve consciousness or life and intelligence. Then if you look at what will always occur on a planetary time scale with selection of the fittest for consciousness and intelligence that the DNA will always evolve or create. You see on that huge macro time scale a sentient planet that is aware of its surroundings, protects itself from asteroid impacts or tries to continue to exist against perceived threats and a planet that wants to create another sentient,aware,reproducing world. If you count those things mentioned as givens the next genetic leap would be to unite with DNA destiny of selection of the fittest as a society (while maintaining adaptable characteristics) and recognize the little God double helix selfish molecule’s objective and help the planet to sentience before it either wipes the surface clean and starts all over or finds/creates/evolves someone else to be selectively fit at gathering more intelligence, consciousness, sentience-life awareness, ect. If we do not seize the big DNA plan our own intelligence of weapons of mass destruction or world neglect could fail this DNA experiment at foraging a sentient world and reproducing itself. If it fails this time, it simply tries a new billion year experiment not even a lifetime for a planet to evolve the DNA towards intelligence capturing capable of reproducing its planetary self. DNA is the organizer that will always create the creator.

  5. Gene

    Well evolution has disproved itself, simply stating, it is genetically and physically impossible for all things to center in on one point at one time then explode into life, and archaeological finds prove the existence of GOD and also people get healed by GOD around the world and prophecies are fulfilled literally daily, for being evolutionist you sure are impatient, the prophecies don’t happen in a matter of days but years, because GOD wants to give everyone a chance to repent, but on top of that, look at egypt and rome, they both oppressed Israel, where are they now? Gone of course, now the prove of evolutions falsehood, a single celled organism cannot learn with out foreknowledge on how to even function and they for sure can’t group together and make multi-cellular organisms no matter how long you wait because they have no knowledge how to, and if evolution were true (which it’s not) then that would mean every animal at one time could mate with one another and create more animals therefore making it possible for animals today to mate with one another regardless of species, which we know is exceedingly false, as GOD said in Genesis:1:24, every animal is made to it’s own kind, and if you can’t take into account all the supernatural experiences people have around the world i don’t know how you see the words i am typing frankly, and all the near death experiences, i mean come on, even those who had no religion seem the same thing, they were going into utter darkness and the LORD came and got them out and they devoted their lives to CHRIST, if you can’t see past your own denial, all i can ask you to do is ask GOD yourself and GOD will come and show you He is real, and also muslims who had near death experiences woke up to the truth real fast once they returned to the living. I say this all in love, that i might reach you and help you see the truth, i experienced the love of GOD without any preemption of what it was like then i asked others and that’s what they experienced as well, the problem is your heart is hardened and your scared to be wrong because you know what happens in the afterlife to non-believers and sinners, But don’t fear because GOD came down in the form of man to save you and His name is JESUS CHRIST Son of the Most High GOD, and you may thinking that’s confusing, but no it isn’t, because JESUS Himself said that the FATHER is in the SON as the SON is in the FATHER they are One but They are separate, They both are eager to hear from all Their children so please pray to the LORD and repent and be baptized in the HOLY SPIRIT and get a Holy Bible, and read the New Testament and The Old Testament, Old Testament shows creation and prophecies to come, seeya, GOD Bless you all

  6. Ian

    Thank you for your long evangelistic diatribe on an unrelated blog post. It is always good to know before starting to talk to someone that they have no interest reading what you write. It saves time.

    You might want to invest in some high-school biology, or some grade school punctuation and grammar lessons.

  7. John

    We will all find out the truth sooner than we think!

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