Things Jesus Never Said

Things Jesus Never Said

Inspired by this comment by sido.


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5 responses to “Things Jesus Never Said

  1. Well done. That is hilarious.
    BTW, I have searched all over for your Christmas story special that tells the various sources of the Christmas story in the Christian culture. Still have that?

  2. Ian

    Unfortunately not, I lost it a few years ago, and couldn’t track it down. It didn’t appear to be in any of my backups. I kept meaning to recreate it, but haven’t got around to it yet.

    Did you see the Go news from last night?

  3. Yes, I have, I am happy for AI !

  4. juliaergane

    Yes, indeed. They certainly have forgotten a lot (heh-heh) — especially having to following the Levitican laws.

  5. Right. The term “New Testament” was coined by the Second Century heretic Marcion, and contained nothing but 10 of Paul’s letters and a shortened Gospel of Luke.

    [edit: copypasta removed – is identical to Matthew’s other comment today and off topic — Ian]

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