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I’d love you to comment on anything you read in this blog. I’d love you to share your experiences. I’d love you to be robust in your criticism of the ideas posted. Please be as civil as you can.

But of course, at the end of the day, the blog is mine, so I have the flexibility to moderate the discussion somewhat, if it ends up with trolling or a flaming.

First comments are held in a moderation queue. I try to check this regularly, but I apologize if it takes a couple of days to approve your comment (it is normally hours, but sometimes I’m travelling long-haul).

I reserve the right to remove the link you put in your comment the first couple of times you post, if it looks a bit spammy. If you say things that obviously aren’t just filler that’s fine, but posting ‘I agree’ with a link to cheapviagra.con, is probably not going to get through. Spam filtering works pretty well too, so try to avoid huge numbers of links on your first comment, or using a website name as your name, etc. That will trip the spam filter.

Privacy Policy

Your email is used to keep track of who you are, and in case you want to subscribe. I can see them, but other people on the blog can’t. I don’t guarantee that my database or server is bulletproof secure, or that some malicious third party couldn’t hack WordPress and get at your email. You may want to create a free email alias if you’re on the Witness Protection Program.

But  I won’t ever share your email. And I won’t email you, unless you give me permission via a blog comment or email me first.