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One Small Step on the Long Road

Congratulations to California for having a temporary reprieve from the tyranny of the majority. Of course it is a somewhat pyrrhic because nobody on either side believes this is going to end before the Supreme Court gets to rule, no matter how any of the intermediate rulings go. If it had gone the other way the process would still have moved inexorably upwards. There are no dead-ends that can be taken – this will be judged by SCOTUS in due course.

Still, I am cheered by the fact that, hopefully, those gay folks wanting to get married soon should have a window of opportunity. I also know some folks who will continue to refuse to marry until that right is won by all: and I appreciate their stand too.

I firmly believe in 50 years we’ll look back on this struggle as our generation’s great social justice issue. Here in the UK we still have a long and hard battle to fight. It is legal for same-sex couples to join in “civil partnerships” (similar to the situation in New Jersey), but not “marriage”. And what is more, to pander to the overinflated egos of the established church, the legislation on civil partnerships means that it is illegal for a same-sex couple to have *any* religious content in their service. Regardless of whether they are religious, or whether they belong to a religion that has no problem with homosexuality. The tyranny of the majority. Okay, Britain is past the position where a gay person can be systematically deprived of the next-of-kin rights their partner wanted them to have. In that way we’re ahead of 44 out of 50 US states. But make no mistake, bigotry in the big institutional churches runs deep and dark. Hell, the Church of England has only just decided to allow women into positions of authority over men!

I for one, am happy to be standing on the right side of this battle. At least as much as I can from my safe little bunker of a state-endorsed heterosexual marriage.

[Edit: It seems that the ruling stays the repeal of Prop 8 pending an appeal. So there isn’t a window of opportunity at all :(]


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